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6 East Washington Street, Glens Falls, NY, USA

(518) 636-5603


Professional Scuba Diving Center
6 E Washington Street,
Glens Falls NY

PADI#26426 DAN#2806150 SDVOB#181640

Underwater Vehicle Recovery

 We have the area's most experienced team of certified underwater recovery divers. Our divers are commercially insured through Lloyds of London. Our Reasonable Rates are competitive and guarenteed.


Recovery: Vehicle / Equipment / Personal items

Mooring: Inspected-Repaired-Installed

Waterline: Serviced-Repaired-Installed-In water stands

Vinyl Pool Liner: Inspected-Repaired

Recovery: Vehicle / Equipment / Personal items

Equipment Maintenance by Certified Technicians

Regulator: Service / Repair

Full Face Mask: Service / Repair

BCD: Service / Repair

Tank: Visual / Hydro testing

Dry Suit: Seal replacement